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vns86.com威尼斯城で開かれた第17回Northland Style "台湾冬季学生キャンプ

月20日の朝、vns86.com威尼斯城の第17回「ノースランド?スタイル」冬キャンプがvns86.com威尼斯城にオープンしました。約300人がSun Wenbin、吉林省政府の台湾事務局のディレクターを含む開会式に出席しました、彼はYingjie、吉林省の教育部の香港、マカオと台湾情勢事務所の副所長、張XI、vns86.com威尼斯城学長、関連機能的なDEPからの人員vns86.com威尼斯城、台湾の29の大学と大学からの学生と先生の217人の学生と先生、vns86.com威尼斯城からのおよそ300人のボランティアと一緒の大学の芸術学部。開会式はボランティアZYUNPengによって主催されました。張xiはあなたにZherui、明智大学から台湾キャンパーの代表にキャンプフラグを与えた。

In his speech, Zhang Xi expressed his welcome and greetings to the 217 teachers and students from 29 colleges and universities in Taiwan, and also to the guests attending the ceremony. He stressed that in the past 17 years, the “Northland Style” winter camp and summer workshop have welcomed 3,225 teachers and students from 44 universities in Taiwan, and more than 6,000 faculty and students of JLU have had in-depth exchanges with friends from Taiwan. Inclusiveness is the premise of communication, and communication serves as a foundation for innovation. Although Jilin and Taiwan are thousands of miles away, they both share a culture characterized by inclusiveness. The exchange of different thinking patterns between the two sides of the Strait brings innovative thinking. This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Reform and Opening Up, and it is also the 10th anniversary for the realization of the “Three Direct Links” across the strait. These open policies of both sides of the strait have given us more opportunities for exchanges and cooperation. It’s hoped that in the upcoming activities, the teachers and students from Taiwan will emerge themselves in JLU to have in-depth exchanges, experience a unique and inclusive campus culture, walk around the city to understand local people of the northeast China, thus having a deeper understanding of the “Northland Style”.

Prof. Ji-Hwei Horng, Vice President of National Quemoy University, delivered a speech on behalf of the teachers from Taiwan. He expressed his gratitude to Jilin University for establishing an academic exchange platform that promotes communication between university students of both sides. He said “It was a pleasure to participate in the 17th winter camp, and an unusual experience to come to the freezing-cold Jilin from the subtropical Taiwan, which is almost 3,000 kilometers away. You can see the lingering sun and the moon hanging high at the same time with a gradual glow on the horizon; you can see the bare branches on the straight trunks inserted into the pastels of the setting sun, which leaves a natural charm similar to what Ma Zhiyuan’s poem puts it ‘over old trees wreathed with rotten vines fly evening crows, and on ancient road in the west wind a lean horse goes’. The coldness is a rare experience for me, but I feel warmth in my heart. I would like to thank the teachers and volunteers of JLU for your cordial reception and caring services.” He also brought the world-famous Quemoy sorghum wine, which is the commemorative wine of the water diversion ceremony from Quemoy to Xiamen in August this year, with the words “One big family on both sides of the strait drinking from the same river” written on the bottle, as a gift for the first meeting to wish the event a great success.

Chen Boyu, a student at Feng Chia University, spoke on behalf of the campers from Taiwan. In the speech, he said that when he learned that he was accepted, he was very excited and couldn’t wait to fly to Jilin University to study and explore. “I was exited to see if the snow here is like catkins drifting in the wind, to see how the world’s largest ice sculpture show would conquer the tiny me, to see how the European architecture on the central street blends with the mainland style, and to see the beautiful scenery on the JLU campus and understand how this land has nurtured endless talents for the country. I hope that through this exchange, we and the JLU teachers and students will be able to meet and know each other and our horizons will be broadened.”

Lu Wenjun from the School of Foreign Languages Education of Jilin University spoke on behalf of JLU volunteers. She said that from the moment she stepped onto the campus of JLU, she has bore in mind the spirit of “truth, innovation, and endeavor for prosperity” and “men can conquer the highest mountains and walk the longest distance”. When the nearly 200 candidates were selected as volunteers for the “Northland Style” winter camp, they have been closely linked to the campers from Taiwan. She hoped that during the eight days and seven nights of the winter camp, the volunteers and campers would explore JLU and experience snow and ice together, which would become their most unforgettable memories.

This winter camp lasted from December 19 to 26. During the period, activities in four major sections would be organized, including ice and snow experience, academic exchanges, historical and cultural visits, and teacher-student exchanges. Teachers and students from both sides of the strait will have the opportunity to experience skiing, watch winter swimming, ice lights, snow sculptures, etc. and will experience the breathtaking ice and snow world; they will conduct close academic exchanges and interactions on various disciplines of JLU, as the national key laboratories, engineering training centers, the university museum and the university history museum, as well as the affiliated middle school would all witness their busy and active figures; the Museum of the Imperial Palace of “Manchukuo” and the Harbin Saint Sophia Cathedral provides a window of opportunity for them to understand the history and culture of the Northeast China; the genuine Manchu cuisine, Korean specialties, and Russian cuisine will enable the teachers and students to understand the authentic Northeastern food culture; the wonderful gatherings for the campers, the fruitful result presentations, and the friendly house visits will provide the most direct platform for them to better understand and bond with each other.

The “Northland Style” winter camp for Taiwan students is a brand activity of Jilin University to promote cross-strait youth exchanges. It enjoys a high reputation among young students across the strait. It is a window for young students from Taiwan to experience the Northeast China and to understand the mainland. In the past 17 years, the content of the winter camp has been continuously enriched. The seeds of friendship have been sown among the youth on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. The campers and volunteers participating in the previous camps have become messengers of cross-strait exchanges, driving forward the cooperation and cultural exchanges between the two sides of the strait.

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